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Chinese language can be difficult to master but with some professional help, learning mandarin can be interesting and fun. In Singapore, children are having a harder time mastering the Chinese language. Many children are constantly being exposed to westernized culture which is often in English thus neglecting the value of mandarin. Most families in Singapore speak English at home thus exposure to mandarin is minimum. Therefore children will require some guidance in mandarin. By having proper guidance, we hope to kindle their love for the Chinese language and help them understand that mandarin can be a fun subject to master.


“I'm So Weak In This Subject!”

Help is just a call away! We are here to help you in any subjects that you are weak in or subjects that you need more practices. We have all the subjects that you are looking for. Do not forget, “Practices Make Perfections”!


“No Age Limit!”

There is no such thing as “too young for tuitions” or “too old for tuitions” because our agency provides home tuitions for students from Preschools to Tertiary level, or even to working adults for professional courses.


“Punggol? Jurong? No Problem!"

Home, schools, library, or anywhere you want your tuition to be, we can have our tutors to accommodate that. You can always request for a location that suits you most and we will find you a tutor to teach.