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Speech and Drama involve a lot of interactive learning. It works on a play based learning model whereby the students will be able to learn through playing. Lessons will be fun and exciting for the children to express themselves which in turn give them the confidence to speak and learn. By allowing children to explore possibilities and different scenarios, creativity can be cultivated from a young age. We believe that having a proper tutor that is energetic and passionate can allow the student to truly enjoy the lesson on speech and drama.


“I'm So Weak In This Subject!”

Help is just a call away! We are here to help you in any subjects that you are weak in or subjects that you need more practices. We have all the subjects that you are looking for. Do not forget, “Practices Make Perfections”!


“No Age Limit!”

There is no such thing as “too young for tuitions” or “too old for tuitions” because our agency provides home tuitions for students from Preschools to Tertiary level, or even to working adults for professional courses.


“Punggol? Jurong? No Problem!"

Home, schools, library, or anywhere you want your tuition to be, we can have our tutors to accommodate that. You can always request for a location that suits you most and we will find you a tutor to teach.